COVID Insights, In The Media 05.27.2020

Featured on CNBC: How Might Airport Design Change After COVID-19?

Portland Design shares their insights with CNBC on how COVID-19 has accelerated reconsiderations in airport design.
King Khalid International Airport RUH Rendering
May 27, 2020

Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director of Portland Design, our London-based sister company that focuses on transportation and design hubs, explores the different ways in which aspects of airport design will be accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Touchless technology, for example, is likely to be implemented at a much quicker rate.

“We are seeing five years’ innovation in five months, and much of the impact will be permanent,” Ibrahim tells CBNC. “We will see a turbo-charged uptake on tech-driven zero-touch check in, security and boarding.” For passenger identification, passports are being replaced with facial-recognition and iris-scanning biometrics.

Ibrahim also expects an increased use of digital payment systems in airport retail. “Queues will eventually be anathema in stores.”

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