Press Releases March 2, 2021

Global Collective of Architects and Designers IDeA Network Launch a New Website

A group of multi-award winning architects, designers, planners and strategists have created a new website for the International Design Alliance (‘IDeA’) Network, a global collective formed to better serve clients by harnessing shared philosophies and expertise.

The Network comprises nineteen practices across seventeen countries, including Israel, Denmark, Ireland and the UK. With its members’ wide-ranging expertise, the network facilitates seamless delivery of ground-breaking projects to clients.

The Network is based on established and trusted relationships, linking partnerships with a proven track record of success. By collaborating in this way, the collective’s members have combined expertise across every sector, including education, hospitality, science and technology, retail, residential, healthcare, mixed-use and the workplace.

The collective’s ‘glocal’ nature means that clients will benefit from working with practices who have the local expertise and native speakers and the additional support of global partners. Each member brings the latest contemporary thinking from their respective disciplines to provide innovative and forward-looking solutions for clients, from the initial vision and concept to completed construction.

In a world of increasingly complex environmental, health, and wellbeing challenges, the IDeA Network is uniquely placed to draw on the diversity of its member practices to develop resilient and sustainable strategies for the design and construction of a built environment which is inclusive and fully representative of our global community.

Lydia Collis, Associate Principal at Perkins&Will, said: “I am delighted to be a part of the IDeA Network. The rebrand and new website for this network provide a platform for practices and studios worldwide to benefit from shared knowledge and expertise. I look forward to working with all member organisations to deliver innovative projects of the highest standard for clients.”