Lydia Collis

MBA, RIBA, BArch (Hons), DipArch, LEED AP
Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Dublin

Born in Dublin and raised in the west of Ireland, Lydia aspired to be an architect from a very early age. As a child, much to her parents’ frustration, she was constantly re-configuring their home, trying to find the optimum layout and design. Along with her flair for art, creativity and discovery were at the heart of her upbringing. She went on to complete her architecture degree, after which she spent the next decade travelling, practicing as an architect around the world.

Lydia got a taste for business when she was selected to be part of our firm’s Leadership Institute, and this prompted her to complete an MBA at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at University College Dublin in 2019. This has allowed her to bring economic insight to her design skills in order to make more sophisticated business decisions and to bring both a global perspective and local expertise to the Irish construction market.

Lydia's Featured Work

Waterfront Masterplan
Dublin, Ireland