COVID Insights, Perspectives 03.26.2020

Insta Office: A Solution to Your Work-From-Home Conundrum

When we switched to working from home last week, many of us found our new desk setup lacking the ergonomics we were familiar with in the office. Our backs were hurting from hunching over our laptop screens at the kitchen table, and our coworkers were often treated to unflattering angles on our video calls.

Our digital practice team put their heads together to create a simple do-it-yourself solution: The Insta Office!

They designed a PDF template and easy-to-follow instructions—so easy, you can turn it into a fun project with your kids. All you’ll need is a delivery box, markers, and scissors.

Take a photo of your upgraded home office and post it with the hashtag #PerkinsandWillInstaOffice

Follow this step-by-step guide for easy assembly!

And keep scrolling for more examples.

Quick tip: If you don't have a printer at home, we also included drawings and measurments you can replicate.
Video of assemblage
A fun lesson in design and architecture if you have kids at home!
The set-up in our colleague's home office.