Nick Cameron

Associate Principal, Chicago

Growing up on Long Island, Nick Cameron loved to build sand castles along the beach. He watched the city grow and change around him, and was fascinated by how people moved through the built environment. Choosing his path in the field of architecture was a gradual decision; he is trained as an architect, and uses this skill set to inform how he advances the use of technology in the industry.

As the firm’s Director of Digital Practice, Nick takes a big-picture approach to his work, and employs a thorough understanding of how the digital practice enhances and completes the design process. Having spent the first part of his career as a designer, he now views his work as an opportunity to work alongside design teams to put the finishing touches on projects. He loves the fact that while so much of a firm’s process relies on technology, the output is analog. The product is ultimately a space that betters a child’s education, improves the wellness of patients, or enhances the functionality of an office. Nick’s passion lies in perfecting the digital process to maximize these outcomes.

Nick has been instrumental in advancing and evolving the firm’s digital practice by focusing on the business of design, while consistently improving our work processes and infrastructure.

He is a member of the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Large Firm Round Table Chief Information Officer group, and an advisory member (Chair ‘22) of the National AIA Technology in Architectural Practice knowledge community.

“Architecture is a team sport: there’s not one person in the room who has the best idea, the best idea is found through working together and looking in unlikely places.”