Announcements January 19, 2022

Net-Zero Now Interiors: Progress Update

As part of our Net-Zero Now pledge, we committed to reporting our progress back to the industry. This is our second update, since launching the Net-Zero Now report.

Launched in October 2020 in our London studio, Net-Zero Now Interiors is a pledge and manifesto for change, setting out clear and achievable targets to ensure our interior fit-out of projects align with our firm’s architectural net-zero commitment to actively reduce the whole life carbon footprint of buildings. Having committed to reporting back to the industry, this is our second update, where we are sharing our progress for the year ahead, and beyond.

New Outcomes

‘Now’ sustainable material database
We have launched an internal database for collecting and scoring industry leading sustainable materials to allow our
designers to have science based confidence in the products and materials they are specifying. In 2022 we will continue to investigate, publicly launching the database.


Developing a Circular Interiors material economy
We have been working with partners in the industry to commence pilots on how we can develop a more circular process and economy for our aspect of the industry. This is a large and complex issue and one we will be focussing more on in 2022.


Pledge: Mandate EPDs
We realised that we need to go deeper than just EPDs, and launched the ‘Now’ Database, a fully inclusive and measured supplier library that allows our staff to choose the most sustainable solutions and work with the supply chain.


Pledge: Launch supply chain consultation
We have carried out roundtables with major clients, contractors and furniture manufacturers to better understand the challenges and opportunities, while regularly connecting with the industry to find new solutions, challenge new ways of thinking and explore ways to work together.

On Plan

Pledge: Focus on one element in every project
Our Net-Zero champions group host studio sessions forthnightly to continuously share knowledge, and each project is reporting back on their elements of investigation and what the wider studio can learn from.


Pledge: LCA on every project
LCA reports have been done on all projects since October 2020 and moving through Stage 2; data is collected and analysed to further support our recommendations.


Pledge: All our projects will be net-zero embodied carbon by 2030
Although it’s early days and we understand the challenges to get there more each month, we are confident we will hit this major milestone.

Off-plan / % of Target Achieved

Pledge: Interior Circular design guidelines
Our team took time to focus on launching our new ‘Now’ sustainable materials database and therefore have not achieved the completion of our circular design guidelines which is 25% complete. We now aim to publish our guideline during Q2 2022.


Pledge: Report on every project
Barriers around information being available at the correct time has meant we have not been able produce a report for every project. 30% of projects started since our last update in April 2021 have had a report produced for the client.


Pledge: By the end of 2021 half of our projects will be 100% circular; by 2025 all projects will be 100% circular
We are 15% to the target but we should be 35% towards it. We are working harder on what we really mean and can achieve through embedded circular design in interiors and this will be a big focus of our team in 2022.

  • For more information or access to the database, please contact [email protected]
  • For suppliers that would like to enter their products can fill out this form.