Adam Strudwick

Principal, Corporate Interiors, London

Adam has built his career in the commercial workplace industry, working at various scales, and in a range of locations around the world. But most importantly, there is a driving force behind all his designs – creating democratic workplaces that are sustainable for the future.

As we spend the majority of our day working, Adam is passionate about delivering places that make people happier, and better able to do their job. Coupled with this, he is keenly aware that as a society we are using too many resources, and he aims to limit his impact on the planet through environmentally responsible design.

His care for the environment goes beyond his working life too. As a sustainable and healthy way to travel, he is an advocate of cycling, and believes it will be the future of commuting for most people. For Adam, it is a great way to get in some exercise, drop his kids off at school, and still get into work with time to spare!

"We need to focus on using less resources to achieve more powerful outcomes."