Announcements 05.17.2019

Austin Studio Wins an Award of Excellence from Local AIA Chapter

TENTSION, an exhibit at Creek Show 2018, earns the distinction
The form meanders and reacts to the path of the creek. Morphing within its environment, it allows the viewer to interact with it through changes in perspective.

Our Austin studio has been honored with an Award of Excellence by the Austin Chapter of the AIA for its light-based, site-specific art installation, TENTSION.

Selected out of 128 submissions, the project was one of five to receive this award, and stood out given its holistic approach to design. Made up of over 100 camping tents bound together to create grouped forms, TENTSION was designed to ultimately be deconstructed and donated to local organizations that serve those in need.

“It’s an honor to witness the TENTSION message garner such high recognition beyond its original installation-especially from such an esteemed awards program,” commented Chet Morgan, the installation’s lead designer at Perkins&Will. “We were thrilled with how the Austin community responded to TENTSION first-hand back in November. It’s a memorable project for our team given its unique design and local impact.”