Angela Whitaker-Williams

Principal, K-12 Education, Austin

Even as a young child, Angela loved spending her time in a garage full of tools—designing, building, and making. Although she wasn’t yet thinking about architecture, these hours developed her understanding of what it means to sketch ideas, strategize use of materials, and develop a concept into reality.

Angela believes great design is about people, relationships, context, and experience. She enjoys learning about her clients’ drivers and implementing a flexible, timeless design framework that maximizes the programmatic opportunities, positively impacts the community, and creates amazing learning spaces.

Outside the office, Angela loves photography, scuba, and improv.  She’s even been known to take the stage at a local improv cafè every now and then!

Angela is proud to serve as the Practice Leader for both our K-12 and Higher Education Studios.
“Work should be a place of joy, collaboration, and exploration centered on passion and purpose.”
Working with clients
Facilitating a visioning session with Manor ISD
listening to clients
Discussing priorities with clients in a master planning workshop
Angela was the first in her family to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s.

She believes quality education is a precious gift of opportunity, so she focuses on educational design to extend those opportunities. She strives to continue to learn every day from the students she designs for, the clients she serves, and the talented team that surrounds her.

A native Texan, Angela lives in Round Rock with her high school sweetheart and husband of 27 years, their twin children, two rescue dogs, and a turtle named Slider.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys baking elaborate birthday cakes for her family and wedding cakes for friends. She is active in her twins’ Scouts troops and typically has two to three home improvements projects as well as three loads of laundry going at all times.

Angela's Featured Work

lobby to school
Manor Senior High School
Manor, Texas
ACC Highland Campus, Phase II
Austin, Texas
RES media center
Rodriguez Elementary School
San Marcos, Texas
Our Austin Studio
Austin, Texas