Press Releases 09.27.2022

Perkins&Will Welcomes a New Director of Global Advisory Services to Elevate the Client Experience

Leigh Stringer will help expand the firm’s strategic consulting services and integrate them across studios, markets, disciplines, and geographies.

Washington, D.C.—Workplace strategist, researcher, and best-selling author Leigh Stringer joins architecture and design firm Perkins&Will in a new role as principal and Director of Global Advisory Services. Stringer will ensure clients across the firm’s 28 studios and 15 practice areas have access to the full breadth of Perkins&Will’s knowledge, research, insights, and expertise. This includes everything from sustainability strategy and workplace planning to digital innovation and healthcare planning.

“The shakeup of a pandemic, our fragile economy, and a climate crisis have made planning and strategic thinking more important than ever,” says Stringer. “Clients are asking us to tackle complex problems—and quickly. We need to be highly responsive, innovative, and integrated in our approach.”

Bringing value to clients through research

Stringer’s best-selling books The Healthy Workplace (2016) and The Green Workplace (2010), which offer tips and best practices for creating thriving work environments, are testaments to Stringer’s penchant for inquiry, investigation, and practical application of data-rich research. With her client-first mindset, she will make sure every client has access to the advisory services most germane to their needs.

“This new position is about sharing strategic knowledge across the firm,” says Chief Practice and Operating Officer Tyson Curcio. “In the process, we’re connecting, encouraging, and inspiring Perkins&Will’s leaders to create new tools and design solutions. Everything we do has to be meaningful to our clients.”

Aligning passions and purpose

In addition to her research, strategy, and communication skills, Stringer is an ardent champion for gender equity. She’s the co-founder and former board member of Global Women for Wellbeing, an organization that focuses on a wide range of issues unique to women around caregiving, finance, the media, wellness, and social equity. She is also the founder of WomanUp, a network that connects people with organizations making positive change.

“I have a huge passion for health, sustainability, and supporting women in leadership,” says Stringer. “And I’ve always woven them in some way into my work. I look forward to continuing to integrate these passions in support of Perkins&Will clients and teams worldwide.”

Filming for the documentary, The Workplace Garden: Redefining the Social Contract, by Conscious Content Media and Shaman Pictures.

Leigh Stringer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, a Master of Architecture, and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University. She is a Founding Board Member of Global Women for Wellbeing, and the Founder of WomanUp. She is also a LEED AP Accredited Professional, a Fitwel Ambassador, and a Prosci Change Management Professional. She is the author of two best-selling books, The Healthy Workplace and The Green Workplace, and was featured in the documentary, The Workplace Garden, produced by Conscious Content Media and Shaman Pictures.