Leigh Stringer

Principal, Advisory Services Practice Leader, Washington, D.C.

If you’re into bold ideas, making the world a healthier and more sustainable place, and doing so with the realities of business in mind, reach out to Leigh. (You are a like-minded soul!) Leigh’s passion for buildings, history, nature, and health stems from her studies and work experiences across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. Today, she thrives on solving design problems in a practical, grounded way.

Leigh is excited to grow and expand Perkins&Will’s advisory services across studios, markets, disciplines, and geographies. In addition to working on projects, she loves to engage in research, new tool development, and thinking about “what’s next?”

Over the years, Leigh has worked with a long list of corporate, government, healthcare, and higher education clients, helping them create healthy, sustainable, and high-performing environments. She is the author of two best selling books, The Healthy Workplace (2016) and The Green Workplace (2009), and is featured in the 2021 documentary The Workplace Garden.

Movie Trailer for The Workplace Garden
Filming for the documentary, The Workplace Garden: Redefining the Social Contract, by Conscious Content Media and Shaman Pictures.
“The shake up of a pandemic, our fragile economy, and a climate crisis have made good planning and strategic thinking more important than ever. Clients are asking us to tackle really complex problems—and quickly. We need to be highly responsive, innovative, and integrated in our approach." 
Leigh was spokesperson for L.L.Bean’s award-winning “Be an Outsider at Work” promotional campaign (2018), featuring the first ever outdoor co-working space.
“Be an Outsider at Work”
Fun Fact

Leigh and her husband (John Hlinko) self-published a book, Pandemic Pickup Lines: Painfully Punny Icebreakers for a Plague-Ravaged World, as a PR stunt to raise money for Jose Andres’ Central World Kitchen at the height of COVID.

The book includes some real eye-rollers! You’re welcome.

Leigh is an avid biker (indoors and out!)
Here’s a shot with friends treking through the Douro Valley in Portugal.