Announcements 07.06.2022

Remembering Ed Feiner

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Ed Feiner’s passing.

As founding director of our Design Leadership Council, Ed wove design excellence into all of Perkins&Will. We are grateful for the tributes from our friends (Interior Design, Architectural Record, ENR) who have acknowledged Ed’s transformative impact on public architecture and the careers and lives of so many gifted designers.

For the last 13 years, Ed invested his time developing our established and emerging design talent. Through the creation of our externally juried Biennale, one-on-one conversations, and peer reviews, he positively impacted our people and projects.

And then, there are simply the fond memories of Ed as a unique and loving person—his relentless and bold passion for design, his undeniable Bronx accent, his personal style—crew cut, “hip-hugger” jeans, cowboy boots, and, of course, his quest for hamburgers.

Ed made our firm better and brighter, and for that we are so grateful.