Ed Feiner (1946-2022)

Principal, Washington, D.C.

Ed’s love of architecture ran deep. Pressed within the pages of his family album is a picture of him at age 3, constructing skyscrapers out of wooden blocks.

Few architects had as transformative a role on the profession of architecture as Ed Feiner. Those early experiments fashioning buildings out of simple materials ultimately led Ed to reshape the face of Federal Architecture, ushering in a new generation of national landmarks as the Chief Architect of the U.S. General Service Administration where he oversaw the designs for over 140 federal buildings and courthouses.

Our Design Leadership Council

Ed joined our firm more than ten years ago, and was the founding director of our Design Leadership Council, mentoring our next generation of designers to have an equally impactful role championing excellence in design.


Be Enthusiastic

Ed’s college dean told him, “You have to be enthusiastic about what you do in life.” Ed has taken this statement and turned it into a lifelong commitment. While working for the General Services Administration (GSA), his enthusiasm for design excellence, in the public sector, led him to establish the GSA’s Design Excellence Program. The program streamlined the commissioning of new buildings and focused on design quality. Ed personally reviewed and approved the designs of all Federal courthouses developed by the GSA from 1985 through 2005.