Announcements 12.18.2018

Perkins&Will Research Journal Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Issue

The 20th issue of the Perkins&Will Research Journal has been published, marking its 10-year-anniversary.

As one of the first peer-reviewed research journals coming from the architecture and design industry, the publication has made a significant impact on our profession over the last decade. It has established a mechanism for documenting and sharing high-quality, peer-reviewed research associated with the built environment, and it has initiated a culture of research transparency within the design profession.

Through this journal, we have established a method for collecting, reviewing, and reporting results of rigorous research studies, aiming to find solutions to challenges that are impacting the entire design profession. By publicly sharing the results, we have opened up a new era for practice-based design research and initiated a culture of innovation in our profession – one where transparency is key.

Over the last decade, we have published 95 articles, written by 136 authors, and peer reviewed by 180 research experts from academic institutions, research organizations, public agencies, and private entities.

This issue of Perkins&Will Research Journal includes five articles that focus on different research topics, such as the occupant well-being within work environments, a literature review focusing on shadow box design and ventilating strategies, defining future mobility principles that support livable city goals, ongoing academic and professional collaboration focusing on performance-based design, and a parametric analysis framework aimed at making multidisciplinary design explorations more methodical.

Building an industry-wide culture of innovation piece by piece, and fully infusing innovation into the design profession can help us address any challenges that the future might bring. With this journal, we have shared results of numerous research studies during the last decade, and will continue to help build an industry-wide culture of research and innovation in the future.

Download the Research Journal Vol. 10.02.