Chris Morrison

Principal, Managing Principal, Washington, D.C.

Chris developed a passion for design as a young boy. He’d always loved art and crafts, and building things like go-carts and treehouses came naturally to him. After contemplating careers in both carpentry and chemical physics, he ultimately settled on architecture as the perfect blend of his passions and aptitude. He’s never looked back.

Today, Chris embraces both the artistry and business side of design as a Managing Principal in our Washington, D.C. studio. He strives to create a diverse and collaborative office environment for both staff and clients, recognizing that the symbiosis of disparate ideas is what drives innovation.

When he’s not tending to business in the studio, Chris—an epicure and a musician—loves hosting friends for feasts, conversation, and music.

Fun Facts
Chris is both an artist and an athlete: he’s a pianist, a singer, and an avid cyclist.
"As a musician, I believe performing is about engaging and eliciting a response from the audience. Similarly, design must speak to, connect with, and engage the people who use it."

Chris 's Featured Work

Ballou Senior High School
Washington, D.C.