Ballou Senior High School

Washington, D.C.
The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Ballou Senior High School sets a new standard for K-12 education in the District of Columbia. The project was awarded by design competition to a joint venture with Bowie Gridley Architects. Upon entry, students and visitors are perched above a central, two-story dining commons with sweeping views of the entire building as it surrounds an internal and secure courtyard.

The design incorporates a “Hall of Fame” showcased along the School’s Main Street concept as a symbol celebrating Ballou’s history and achievements. Ballou’s Main Street features the major programs, revolving around a mind (administration), body (athletics), and spirit (arts) concept. Core academic spaces are organized into five distinct academies that each have classrooms, flexible multi-use rooms, and computer and science labs. The school also features a digital media studio, and one of the largest high school auditoriums in the region.

“This new Ballou building brings with it promise, possibility, and potential for our students, school staff, and the entire community.”

Kaya Henderson, Chancellor, DCPS

Servicing the Community

The new school exemplifies Ballou’s goals of creating a facility that not only promotes student success, but represents a facility serving as a community asset. Generous common spaces promote collaboration for a 21st-Century interdisciplinary curriculum and scholastic learning environment for 1,400 students, while a high-tech performing arts theater, athletic and fitness complex, auto-tech lab, health center, day care center and library have been positioned for easy community access.

Project Team

Steve Turckes
Jerry Johnson
Aimee Eckmann
Chris Morrison
Nancy Gribeluk
Renee Rodriguez