Dan Watch

Principal, Science and Technology, Atlanta

Remarkably, Dan educated himself about designing research spaces. He published his first of four books on the topic in 2001.

A global leader in laboratory design, Dan is clearly passionate about all things research. Dan has designed over 12 million square feet of laboratory research and science buildings on four continents and won six international design competitions – all while advocating for sustainability and teaching the next generation. Dan has been responsible for the design of some of the most significant laboratory facilities globally.

Through constant research, Dan provides the latest trends and design solutions for clients of government, private sector, and academic research laboratories. Dan believes that design plays a vital role in improving the quality of our lives, and explains his architecture and planning approach as “original, skillful and affordable”.

Dan's design - defined by a clear functional and organizational logic - seeks to engage the broader science city and create a uniquely collaborative private center.
China Huaneng Group, R&D Headquarters, Beijing, China
This design incorporates a collection of modern buildings into a wonderful courtyard-focused landscape.
China Huaneng Group, R&D Headquarters, Beijing, China
Dan's design for CREATE pushes the boundaries of conventional lab design; the buildings are designed to introduce maximum daylight and flexibility.
Singapore National Research Foundation, Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE)
Dan's design for OMRF features wind turbines and an iconic, progressive exterior.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
“It is important that designers work together and share information to advance research and solutions that benefit society.”
Fun fact
In addition to his passion for advancing research, Dan loves spending time with his family of six, and proudly serves as a city councilmember.

Dan's Featured Work

Bowie State University Center for Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing
Bowie, Maryland
Clemson University, Watt Family Innovation Center
Clemson University Watt Family Innovation Center
Clemson, South Carolina
National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility
Manhattan, Kansas
Galveston National Laboratory
Galveston, Texas
CREATE (Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise)
CREATE 卓越研究和科技企业园区
John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center, Phase II
Bethesda, Maryland