Derek Johnson

Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Boston

Derek was constantly drawing as a kid. At restaurants he would take full advantage of the paper place mats, using them as his medium for sketches and elevations. His creativity and love of problem solving naturally led him to architecture school, where the broader exposure of the disciplines further fueled his passion. While in school, Derek traveled to several of Europe’s capitals, which opened his eyes to not only other cultures and ways of building, but also how these cities have evolved over time and how their vitality has been influenced by design. This experience shaped the way he approaches his projects – he strives to create buildings that are resilient and capable of withstanding the test of time.

As the leader of Boston’s Corporate and Commercial practice, Johnson merges his expertise in adaptive reuse and ground-up design. Derek’s work philosophy is focused around the idea that “you never get a second chance to make a last impression.” His dedication to projects from the initial design phase through the completion of construction ensures that design goals are accomplished, and client goals and expectations are adequately matched

Derek accepting an Honor Award for Design Excellence for the Exchange at 100 Federal
2019 BSA Design Awards Gala
On Adaptive Reuse
“We ask, ‘what is the most sustainable thing we can do with a project,’ and for me that’s working with what we already have. We can revitalize a building and make it current and fresh without having to always demo and start from scratch.”
Derek leads a meeting at 191 Spring Street, a nearby adaptive reuse project.

Derek's Featured Work

The Exchange
Boston, Massachusetts
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Boston, Massachusetts