Derek Jones

Principal, Corporate and Commercial, North Carolina

The son of academic parents, Derek grew up in a Los Angeles home steeped in scholarly inquiry. His mother emigrated from Beijing at the age of 16, and as a boy, Derek frequently traveled with his parents to Japan and China. Later, while pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in Japan, the scale of Derek’s art projects became larger and larger until he realized that his creative talents were meant for architecture.

Derek’s experiences abroad, as a cultural outsider, informs his approach to design, supporting his ability to question accepted norms and view library, cultural, and community projects with an analytical eye. As a design leader, Derek focuses on choreographing cultural experiences by bridging disciplines to find richer, more relevant purpose. In this way, he uses design to help clients tell their stories of physical and cultural place.

“As a project leader, I work for the team, making sure everyone has a voice, regardless of discipline, and clearing the path for our common goal."
Geauga County, Bainbridge Library
Bainbridge, Ohio
Geauga County Libraries, Thompson
Thompson, Ohio
"By creating space for interdisciplinary dialog, we lay the groundwork for innovation.”
New Castle County, Route 9 Library and Innovation Center
New Castle, Delaware
Morgan State University Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS)
Baltimore, Maryland
Wake Forest University, Z. Smith Reynolds Library Renovation
Wake Forest, North Carolina
Miami University, King Library
Oxford, Ohio