Diana Davis

Principal, Managing Director, Houston

While working a summer job at an art supply store during college, Diana became fascinated by the architecture students who frequented the shop. After seeing the materials and hearing about the projects, she returned to school with a piqued interest in the creative potential of architectural design. She took just one course on modern architectural history and was hooked.

The child of scientists, her artistic inclinations have always been grounded in a deep appreciation of the natural world. Having focused her career on healthcare design, Diana has seen how quickly facilities must change to support new technology and innovation. She likes to think about giving buildings “good bones” that will elegantly support their growth. Her interests in streamlined planning and the use of scientific data to inform the way spaces are designed further these objectives, making Diana a go-to resource for healthcare institutions.

"Architecture is not about finding answers, but seeking to ask the right questions."
UTHSC Continuum of Care Campus
The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, Continuum of Care Campus
Houston, Texas
Fun Fact
In her downtime, you'll find Diana exploring Houston's diverse neighborhoods and cuisines or continuing to keep her artistic side nourished with her passion for painting.

Diana's Featured Work

Behavioral Sciences Center
Houston, Texas
Duke Medicine Pavilion
Durham, North Carolina
UHealth Lennar Foundation Medical Center
Coral Gables, Florida