UHealth Lennar Foundation Medical Center

Coral Gables, Florida
Caribbean Modernism for Health

A repeat client of more than a decade, the University of Miami turned to us for The Lennar Foundation Medical Center site work that sits on a major thoroughfare.

In a nod to the significance of the location, the plans called for a multi-disciplinary ambulatory facility that would become a connecting point—not just for patients and their caregivers inside, but also for the school and its city’s influential culture.

Of course, the plans had to be as iconic as the medicine inside. So we set to work on creating the outpatient surgery center and multi-disciplinary clinic with naturally inviting elements like water, daylight, and transparencies. In this way, visitors and waiting patients are oriented by natural influences that flow all around it.


The new building is located on the first developed plat in a master-planned corridor along Ponce de Leon Blvd intended to support interdisciplinary development on the University of Miami campus.
Fun Fact

The term “Caribbean Modernism” was coined for the design that complements Miami, an iconic American city with a history steeped in Latin culture.

The design team worked to create an experience that celebrated the natural palette characterized by southern Florida.
The core purpose of healthcare facilities is, of course, the creation of healing spaces that allow for both body and mind to fight the good fight. To honor the work of patients, doctors, medical staff, and caregivers, we took great pains to create several rooftop areas with the best contemplative views of Coconut Grove. Used for everything from public events to individual physical therapy, the patios, gardens, and big blue skies aid in respite for all.
The building features three patios on the ground, third and penthouse levels to create public event spaces and roof gardens for physical therapy activities and public/staff respite.
“We are revolutionizing how we deliver personalized health care. Each space in the Lennar Foundation Medical Center is intuitively planned, imaginatively designed, and instinctively positioned to treat, heal, enhance, and soothe you, while awakening your senses.”

Ben Riestra
Chief Administrative Officer,
Lennar Foundation Medical Center

The Clinic features two drop off valet stations, and is also accessed from a renovated parking structure through an enclosed and conditioned glass walkway that traverses an existing canal and landscaped area.

Project Team

Leo Alvarez
Jim Bynum
Manuel Cadrecha
Amy Corneliussen Sickeler
Richard Herring
Marvina Williams
Diana Davis