Elif Tinaztepe

Principal, Denmark

Elif Tinaztepe brought years of international experience working in London and Los Angeles to Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in 2005. She applies her distinctive design sense to cultural, civic, and higher education projects, while also leading the firm’s library specialist work, a typology for which the company is best known. Her thoughtful, analytical approach to design, coupled with her passion for client collaboration and the transformative power of architecture, has led to a timeless body of work that spans continents and character.

Elif has a unique ability to untangle the most complex of projects to successfully facilitate dialogue with clients, users and other stakeholders, whether on ongoing projects or in international workshops. The result is a wake of buildings that are multilayered in functionality, yet easy to approach, rich in detail while appearing effortless.

Elif is a regular lecturer and workshop facilitator at international conferences globally.

Dokk1 sketch
Aarhus, Denmark
“One of the most meaningful aspects of my work is witnessing a client become an ambassador for architecture as a result of our work together.”

Elif's Featured Work

State Library Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects