Gardner Vass

Associate Principal, Design Principal, Dallas

Growing up in the urban fabric of Richmond, Virginia, Gardner was fascinated by the city around him.  He has always had a special love for art and creative outlets that allow him to express himself. In fact, one of his hidden talents is “collage-based, mixed media art.”

Keenly perceptive of his surroundings, Gardner takes particular note of what he calls “visual clues” that might help with a project. Whether it’s his son drawing and playing, traveling with family, or visiting museums, Gardner pulls his life experiences into his work. His greatest advice to his colleagues is to check everything twice (if not three times) and to be sure to balance confidence with humility.

Befitting his name, Gardner Vass is a big fan of gardening. He lives with his wife and son in North Dallas, where they volunteer for their local church and community.


gardnersketching cover my meds

When Gardner finished his first project out of college (a wellness facility), he went to the open house and experienced firsthand people’s reactions to something that he had created. He can still recall the way employees reacted to seeing their new facility, and how excited they were to work in such a beautiful place. This made him realize how design truly influences people and the impact it makes on them and their communities.

Gardner mentoring staff

He attempted to beat the pogo stick Guinness World Record at age 12, has been a windsurfer on the beaches of Maui, and ran a full marathon at the age of 35.

Gardner's Featured Work

Exterior building shot
Pulaski Technical College Fine and Performing Arts and Humanities Center
North Little Rock, Arkansas
The Richards Group
Dallas, Texas
Fire Station 27
Dallas, Texas
Our Dallas Studio
Dallas, Texas
Austin Community College Highland Campus, Phase II
Austin, Texas
Lubbock City Hall
Lubbock, Texas
Renown Tahoe Tower NICU/PICU
Reno, Nevada