Gautam Sundaram

Principal, Urban Design, Boston

Coming from a family of mechanical engineers, Gautam always knew he wanted to break the career mold that had been set for him. He initially studied architecture, an experience that he credits with making him a more well-rounded planner and landscape architect. So it comes as no surprise that Gautam actively seeks out diverse perspectives in his project work. He believes that varied viewpoints are essential to accurately identify the problem at hand; only when you truly know the problem can you begin to think of possible solutions.

Gautam’s design philosophy is simple: be a student all the time–never stop learning. To him, each project is a fresh chance to be bold and make a difference in the lives of people.

"The most important thing is not coming to the idea or the solution–it’s actually figuring out what the problem is, first. What is it, exactly, that you are trying to solve?"

Gautam's Featured Work

Early Resilient Framework Plan
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico