James Levin

Associate Principal, Science and Technology, Boston

As a Board-certified veterinarian, former Senior VP of a pharmaceutical company, and a veteran lab manager, Jim possesses a unique skill set. From his time as a researcher to his work developing several drugs and medical devices that are on the market today, Jim’s background as a scientist gives him an advantageous user/scientist perspective on technical operations.

Jim is a problem solver. Pragmatic thinking, driven by his knowledge of scientific procedures and manufacturing, allows him to come up with design solutions for some of the most complex challenges. His work philosophy aims at taking multiple approaches to a challenge or an idea to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what options will be the best choice for the client.

Jim’s years of experience working in and operating laboratories and manufacturing medical therapies, combined with his imaginative thinking and knack for problem-solving are the perfect combination when it comes to tackling the challenges of scientific planning. Jim is our Director of Process Architecture, cGMP.

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Learn how James leverages his unique background to design safe and efficient laboratories that produce life-saving results.
“Since I’ve operated facilities, my perspective is focused on the true user-experience. Our ideas must work for me as if I were the client, so I put myself in the clients’ shoes and say ‘Ok, now that I understand how they want to operate it, if I was operating it for them, would it work?"
Clean room and manufacturing facilities allow our clients to make safe and effective life-saving medicines to treat their patient populations.