Jan-Willem Gritters


Born in a small Dutch village near Amsterdam, Jan-Willem’s interest in creating and improving built environments was sparked by his older brother—a civil engineer. Jan-Willem enjoyed visiting construction sites with his brother, which had a formative impact on his career.

After studying civil engineering himself, he recognized that the creativity and planning facet he naturally gravitated towards was embedded in architecture. Jan-Willem quickly became fascinated with the innovative work of famous architects who clearly and creatively articulated technology in their designs.

Having studied both civil engineering and architecture, Jan-Willem appreciates planning and designing facilities of a highly technical nature. He believes the best results are achieved through teamwork and approaches all projects with curiosity to continuously learn from listening and understanding the real needs and requirements of each client.

“Explore the world and be open to new things while respecting lessons learned from the past."

Jan-Willem 's Featured Work

Fleming College Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre
Peterborough, Ontario
University of Ottawa STEM Complex
Ottawa, Ontario
Humber College Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation
Toronto, Ontario