Jeffrey Keilman

Associate Principal, Boston

From his earliest memories, Jeff always played hard on the soccer field–which explains the many hours he spent with conditioning and rehabilitation medical professionals. He coupled this fledgling passion with an innate appreciation for design, the built environment, and his technology-based education. During a high school internship program, Jeff was determined to test these passions–medicine and architecture–by splitting his time working at an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and an architecture firm. Jeff’s path was set.

Like soccer, Jeff sees healthcare architecture as a team sport. To help clients reach their goals you are simultaneously building both internal and external teams–it’s about putting the right person in at the right time, while recognizing strengths and differences, to create a seamless effort. Jeff believes the most important aspects of a project are the ones users remember and touch, which are only successful when there is clear communication and follow-through by the entire team.

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A natural leader, Jeff excels at making sure all voices are heard. For him, team synergy results in award-winning design.
Team spirit and collaboration is the thread that has woven itself through the work he has completed.
Not only was Jeff a member of the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital team, but he was also a patient where he learned first-hand the impact a design has on the individual.
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

The new rehab hospital is sited at the tip of the old Charlestown Navy Yard and is a proud and transparent place. Located directly on the Boston Harbor, the design incorporates resilient strategies to anticipate rising sea levels and extreme weather events related to climate change.

Jeff participated in the Leadership Institute where he was able to listen, learn and grow with colleagues across the firm.

Jeffrey's Featured Work

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Charlestown, Massachusetts