Jennifer Carzoli

Associate Principal, Chicago

Born into a military family, Jennifer grew up all over the world. She and her family moved often, always exploring their new surroundings.  Jennifer loved learning about the castles, cathedrals and palaces they visited. It’s no surprise that she checked the “architecture” box when she took an interest survey during high school. Once on a field trip, the group leader asked if anyone was interested in working for an architect. Jennifer’s hand shot up. The guide was serious: Jennifer soon found herself with a part-time job at a local firm. At the age of 16, she was already working in the field.

She worked in architecture throughout college, and upon graduation, Jennifer had hands-on industry experience. She continues to build on this, as a highly respected project manager, and understands her clients’ business so she can develop creative solutions in response to their program needs.

ARUP, Chicago, Illinois
“The most important thing in my career is client service–pushing the limits to get clients the best value while continually raising the bar for them, functionally and aesthetically. Even if it means taking baby steps.”
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Over a five year period, Jennifer kept the interior transformation of this 832,000 square foot headquarters on track. This included a 320,000 square foot relocation swing space, which helped accommodate the phased renovation.
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

Jennifer's Featured Work

Bank of Canada Head Office Renewal
Ottawa, Ontario