Jim Bynum

Principal, Health, Atlanta

Jim grew up on the storied campus of Georgia Tech, the son of an English professor and a high school librarian. When he was a kid, he had “the run of the campus,” and soon discovered that the School of Architecture was a prime location to hunt for castaway materials for his model airplanes and rockets. He would drag models back to his home, and recombine them—eventually graduating to building his own. By High School, he was creating complex models of buildings with no formal understanding of how to draw a plan. Through this “firsthand education in design and construction” began his passion for architecture.

Jim specializes in healthcare design—a focus he has maintained throughout his career—but believes in constant reinvention. He regularly coordinates projects across multiple studios.

Jim lives in Atlanta with his wife, a Memphis native, and often visits his daughter in Washington, D.C.

“The way we do things today is, by definition, not futuristic. We must constantly strive for improvement.”
Jim and team's innovative design creates an environment focused around elevated courtyards and gardens, maximizing patient access to natural light.
Duke Medicine Pavilion, Durham, North Carolina
Jim's contributions to the Ghana Ridge Hospital expansion resulted in a modern facility that provides healthcare access to women and children in Accra.
Ghana Ridge Hospital, Accra, Ghana
Fun Fact about Jim
He has been a passionate soccer fan since 3rd grade and “never got it out of his system.” He played through college, and coached his daughter from the age of five. A lifelong Atlanta native, he is, of course, proud to see the surging popularity of the sport in his hometown.

Jim's Featured Work

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge
Accra, Ghana
Duke Medicine Pavilion
Durham, North Carolina
UHealth Lennar Foundation Medical Center
Coral Gables, Florida
University of Virginia University Hospital Expansion
Charlottesville, Virginia
Lobby of MUSC
Medical University of South Carolina Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion
Charleston, South Carolina