Justin Wortmann


Spending his formative years around the Sarasota School of Architecture movement, Justin was always fascinated by the way space shapes the human experience and the mechanics of how things go together. At 13, he began to spend his free time at his uncle’s job sites and learned from him both the technical practice of construction and also the power of relationships. He still spends his weekends renovating vintage homes with his husband, Stephan, and their dog, Luc.

Justin’s projects all have one common element: the relentless pursuit of the “big idea.” He believes that conceptual clarity in design leads to the most impactful projects, and that the details and technical execution are critical to support the broader concept.

At his core, Justin understands we have a responsibility to our clients and our planet to design thoughtful, timeless, and meaningful architecture. “The most sustainable architecture is architecture that makes a connection to those who use it.” His deep connection to all aspects of residential architecture–from designing it to building it–drives his wholistic approach to mindful design.

The Reed at Southbank, Chicago, IL
The Reed at Southbank is a multifamily and condo building which reflects the movement of the river in its shifting façade.
“The best moments on projects occur when we merge the power of our client’s business to the power of thoughtful design. You can see it in the results.”
The Cooper at Southbank, Chicago, IL
The Cooper at Southbank is a residential building which captures critical view corridors and sets the tone for the new Southbank Park.
“I’d always bug my mom to take me to another open house on the ‘parade of homes’. I could never get enough – I’d memorize the floor plans and try to draw a better version. That tradition continues today.”
MITIMCo SoMa Site 3 Lab Building, Cambridge, MA
The Award-Winning Mixed-Use Laboratory and Office facility cantilevers boldly over the newly created green space in the new SoMa development in Cambridge.

Justin's Featured Work

MIT Site 3
SoMa Site 3 Lab Building
Cambridge, Massachusetts