Max Richter

Associate Principal, Sports, Recreation and Entertainment, Vancouver

Max is fascinated with the creative process and values different perspectives along this journey. His work is to listen and engage, establishing an open dialogue between all involved in the development of a project. Through this process his intention is for a unique design to emerge, rooted in the context and people it will serve.

This design philosophy aligns with Max’s focus in community and recreation facilities, leading this area of practice in our studio. A shared space that brings people together, he believes there is opportunity to act as a catalyst for positive change in a community and great potential to improve quality of life for all.

Passionate about well-being and sustainable building, Max is an advocate for healthy materials, frequently speaking on this topic and contributor to our research firmwide.

“Great architects are great listeners, approaching our work through the lens of the people and context we serve.”
Community and Recreation

As the leader of our community and recreation practice, Max presents the “Future of Play” where he speaks about the need to bring fun and play back into our lives. Although there is a declining enrollment in sport, his findings recognize that kids want social experiences that involve recreation and exercise.

Max presents "We are what we build" at TEDxEastVan
Transparency and Healthy Materials

Max is a steadfast advocate for healthy materials and the development of new alternatives for building materials that still have no safe or healthy options. As former co-leader of our firmwide Material Performance research lab and technical committee member for the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, Max views his commitment as both a professional ethical imperative and a natural extension of sustainable building goals.

Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex—Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, Ontario
Mixed-use vertical campus
Marine Gateway, Vancouver, BC
Mixed-use, transit-oriented community

In his spare time, Max enjoys exploring and photographing cities—revealing a side where the camera doesn’t often tread.

Max's Featured Work

Toronto Metropolitan University Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex
Toronto, Ontario
Marine Gateway Overview
Marine Gateway
Vancouver, British Columbia
VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia
SFU Stadium from track.
SFU Stadium
Burnaby, British Columbia