Melissa Sachs

Principal, Vancouver

Melissa’s appreciation for the power of a good story is rooted in her avid interest in reading growing up. Taking her beyond the cornfields that surrounded her small town, her imagination and creativity was sparked, seeding a fascination with art and design that led her to attend architecture school and graduate with a duel degree in English Literature.

With a unique skillset balancing architecture, graphics, and written communications, Melissa brings a holistic approach to marketing. An efficient and effective leader, she continually seeks to improve our processes, set strategic goals, and prioritize the opportunities and clients who are aligned with our values and aspirations. In support of design excellence, she is an advocate for our studio culture—passionately telling the stories behind our people and our work.

“I love finding the sweet spot between creativity, impact, and efficiency—finding ideas that are noticed and have long-lasting value.”
A design project in-and-of-itself, the studio’s annual client event is an example of the infinite creativity and meticulous execution that Melissa’s team in known for.
Along with her architect husband, Melissa has been transforming a small structure in the foothills of Washington into a tiny off-grid cabin.