Announcements August 5, 2020

Our Vancouver Studio Congratulates its Newly Promoted Leaders

We congratulate the following leaders on their promotion in our Vancouver studio. Advancement in the firm’s Leadership Program requires outstanding achievement in leadership ethics and values, excellence in design, marketing, entrepreneurial and strategic thinking, and collaboration.
Promotion to Principal

Jana Foit, Higher Education Practice Leader

Leader of our studio’s Higher Education practice since 2013, Jana has had a large impact on its growth and success. Committed to delivering high-quality environments that foster student success while strengthening institutions’ long-term aspirations, she is sought after by clients as a trusted advisor due to her qualities as a strategic, dynamic, and personable leader.

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Promotion to Associate Principal

Alex Minard, K-12 Practice Leader

Alex leads our K-12 practice and significant projects in our Higher Education sector. Leading by example, he champions our studio’s Service+ and Social Purpose programs and models a principled and committed approach to leadership. An expert in and advocate for Passive House design, Alex is highly collaborative and leverages the strength that can be harnessed from a diverse group of stakeholders.

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Promotion to Associate Principal

Melissa Sachs, Marketing Manager

Melissa leads the marketing and communications of our Vancouver and Calgary studios with a strategic and proactive approach. Her ability to look through multiple lenses is crucial in our decision making, leading us through all stages of the full marketing cycle with exceptional results. Managing a talented and effective team, she is often called upon as a resource for best practices within the firm.

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Promotion to Associate Principal

Yehia Madkour, Director of Innovation

A member of the Firmwide Research Board, Yehia brings enormous energy and engagement to our studio with his forward-thinking drive to advance our design, research, and digital practice. Regardless of scale, Yehia brings a lens of innovation to every project and has an innate ability to motivate clients and push the boundaries of conventional practice.

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Promotion to Senior Associate

Aaron Knorr, Senior Architect

A creative and inquisitive designer, Aaron’s work is propelled by empirical research and conceptual clarity. With a deep interest in Transportation and Higher Education, he approaches design with a multi-disciplinary perspective. A respected expert in the future of mobility, his research and thought leadership continues to be a resource to our private and public sector clients.

Promotion to Senior Associate

Rufina Wu, Senior Architect

Leading the design of our interiors practice, Rufina is an exceptional designer whose curiosity and fresh approach leads to highly creative and successful projects. Her collaborative style and her ability to influence has established her as a key leader and mentor, ensuring our studio is successful in its mission for design excellence.

Promotion to Associate

Lynn McIlwee, HR Manager

With strong interpersonal skills, Lynn is a valued and trusted member of the Vancouver and Calgary leadership team. Highly respected, she brings a wealth of experience and creative solutions that have a positive impact on our people and culture. Lynn leads our Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiative, which focuses on educating our staff and leadership while celebrating the diverse voices within our studio.

“These leaders have shown exceptional commitment and excellence in advancing our studio through our work, our service to our clients, and our culture. We are proud to have such outstanding and talented individuals leading our practice.”

— Susan Gushe, Managing Director