Murali Selvaraj

Principal, Chief Information Officer

Murali combines creativity with a passion for analytics. He believes the best ideas come from both sides of the brain. As Chief Information Officer, he considers himself a hybrid of a technologist and an architect.

When Murali was a student, he excelled in math, so he always thought he’d be an engineer. But when it came time to choose a university program in his home country of India, there were only architecture schools in his state of Tamil Nadu. Each was highly competitive, too, accepting only 20 students. Murali thought, “Why not?” and took a chance. The risk paid off: not only was he accepted to an elite program, but he also discovered his affinity for design.

Architecture taught Murali how to think creatively about people’s needs in the built environment. Since pivoting to the data and technology side of the profession, he now expertly guides clients toward solutions that are data-driven, too.

“All the problems in the world can’t be solved through a single lens. Solutions must be pursued through both humanistic AND data-driven dimensions.”
Fun Fact

As an architect Murali is always doing projects to renovate his house, and, much like in his professional life, he uses both data along with creative design ideas to inform his hobbies.

Murali’s most rewarding career moments are when he earns the complete trust of his client(s) or colleagues. He works hard to achieve this, and loves seeing the investment pay off in a way that benefits their goals.