Announcements December 21, 2017

Perkins&Will Adds New Virtual Reality App to Growing Portfolio of Digital Experience Tools

Two months after the beta release of its augmented reality app AX, Perkins&Will has launched an early version of a virtual reality app that allows both designers and clients to explore, in 360-degrees, some of the firm’s latest projects from around the world.

Known as VX – short for “Virtual Experience” – the app is a digital passport to places like an early 20th century high school building in Dallas, Texas that’s been transformed into a modern-day architecture studio (one of Perkins&Will’s 24 studios worldwide, in fact), or an 11-story tower annex and renovation project in Lubbock, Texas that houses City Hall and other public agencies and services.

The app also reveals project specifications and other design details to allow for a more informative digital tour of the spaces.

“VX is another tool in our growing kit of digital experience technologies that ultimately helps our clients immerse themselves in the design process and be part of the design journey with us,” says Nick Cameron, Perkins&Will’s director of digital practice. “Our goal is to continuously innovate so that we deliver an ever-richer, ever-more compelling experience for our clients.”

VX can be downloaded for free in Apple’s App Store, but requires iOS 9 or later. The app can be used with or without a VR headset, though a headset is recommended for a more immersive experience.