Ron Gorham

Associate AIA
Principal, Health, Boston

Ron has been immersed in design for health since his days a student. During his architectural schooling, most of his peers were supplementing their studies with volunteer positions at design firms—but Ron followed his professor’s advice and took a job at University of Massachusetts Medical School, working alongside in-house engineers and watching his designs get built. After graduation, he went on to work with a firm that specialized in healthcare architecture, and he discovered his real passion for designing for wellness.

Working directly with patients formed his philosophy to leave a space better than when he got there; Any improvement, regardless of size or cost, can make a lasting impact on the comfort and health of both patients and staff. As a principal, his goal is to help his clients see the value in even the smallest of changes—the ones that have immeasurable impact on the experience of the people within.

“My favorite project is always going to be my next project. That’s where I take everything I’ve learned to date and improve upon it.”