Simon Persson

Associate Principal, Shanghai

Born in Malmö Sweden and with degree from Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, Simon has a profound understanding of Scandinavian democratic design principles that prioritize people’s needs.

Having worked in China since 2009, Simon has had the opportunity to tackle complex design challenges by always incorporating principles of openness and a connection to nature into his work. His approach involves a constant dialogue between the function, life, and surroundings of a building, resulting in projects that are deeply rooted in the community.

Simon has contributed to some of the most significant projects of the Shanghai Studio, spanning various typologies, scales, and sectors. His design approach, which emphasizes simplicity and clarity, is unified across these projects and is characterized by bold forms and composition, with a keen eye for hidden beauty. Simon’s architecture is both serious and playful, effortless and humane, and embodies a modern sensibility committed to beauty.

ZCFE Library creates public space as welcoming gestures for the students and is the centerpiece of the whole ZIFE Campus designed by Perkins&Will
Zhengzhou College of Finance and Economics Library, 2020-2024
“I believe all successful buildings must have an element of surprise and create exciting spaces for people to meet and explore.”
Phoenix Park, Shanghai, 2021-2024
The new CaoHeJing Headquarters free up space for a park for the city while standing as a gateway to the S&T district.
Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts is a proposal for a new art school in one of the world’s largest steel factories.
Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, 2021
Mianyang Library and Cultural Arts Center, 2020
The library is part of a trio of cultural pavilions in a new riverfront park for the southwest Chinese city of Mianyang.
Site visit at the glass factory to select the marble patterns for the Shanghai Library East facade.

Simon’s passion for painting and architecture are intertwined, as he believes that the best work is like an abstract painting, where the project takes on a life of its own. In both painting and architecture, he seeks to find a balance between the precise and the free, creating a framework that allows for unexpected moments to arise.

Simon is preoccupied with exploring the use of traditional Chinese ink in contemporary ways.

Simon's Featured Work

Shanghai Library East
Shanghai, China
Shenzhen Energy Ring
Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Green Heart Grand Theatre
Beijing, China