Stephen Lenz

Planning and Strategies, Chicago

Stephen has been an avid explorer since childhood, discovering vacant sites, building forts in the woods, tagging along with his Grandpa to the Stockyards, and has always had an insatiable curiosity for the world around him. These early experiences ignited his passion for adventure and nurtured his imagination.  

With over 10 years in the industry, Stephen is extremely passionate about solving complex challenges and the sweet spot where strategy and design come together to improve the human experience and turn business goals into actionable and inclusive outcomes. He is inspired by learning from and connecting with others—bringing a deeper understanding of design as an influencer of behavior and enabler of wellbeing. He believes that the best solutions come from the most informed process and that empathy plays an integral role in bringing clients’ stories to life. 

Stephen is also a huge advocate on the importance of giving back and knowledge sharing. He is involved in the ACE Mentor Chicago program and volunteers with organizations like the Greater Chicago Food Depository, ALL Chicago, and the Movember Foundation. 

Stephen's Design Philosophy
“As strategists and designers, our commitment is to empower the individual and enhance people's lives in meaningful and measurable ways.”
Stephen is currently making his way through all of the US National Parks.
Zion National Park, Utah
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
ACE Mentor Chicago

Stephen's Featured Work

Shure Lobby and Cafe Renovation
Niles, Illinois