Steven Webster

Associate Principal, Science and Technology, Boston

Not many people can say that they operated a gantry crane and built jet engines as a kid, but Steve spent several “Take Your Kid to Work Days” with his dad, an engineer at General Electric, doing just that. Coming from a family of engineers, he’s always been interested in how things work, and practicality and logical reasoning are inherent.

Steve’s work philosophy is purpose-driven. Whether he’s working on something large or small, he believes that every single screw plays a key role in the outcome. The most important goal of a project, he believes, is that the design must satisfy the needs of the users that occupy the space. When he sees people using a space in the way it was designed, he knows that the team’s hard work has paid off. Whether he’s building his own furniture to designing state-of-the-art research labs and facilities, Steve takes a whole-hearted approach to all his projects and the design challenges they pose, putting maximum effort into finding solutions and solving even the most complex of problems.

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"We should be creating the trends, not following them."
Working in the realm of research and development means drawing out highly technical information about the building blocks of life and crafting an environment responsive to a set of needs that are often unknown.
"I believe pushing the envelope of form, function and how we innovate design is critical. By leveraging our tools that foster organization, development, and analysis we are leading the future of design not following it."