Tom Kasznia

Principal, Corporate and Commercial Practice Leader, Chicago

A curious kid by nature, Tom was always fixing things – taking them apart to see how they worked, tweaking them, putting them back together, building new models. Perhaps this was a characteristic he picked up from his father – a DIY gene passed through the generations. Tom’s interest in how things fit together combines seamlessly with his ability to connect with people. These are the strengths that Tom brings to each and every project.

A lifelong Chicagoan spending frequent childhood weekends driving downtown, Tom has always been fascinated by architecture.

Tom’s idea of project success transcends beyond client satisfaction and design awards. He firmly believes there’s a special quality to a good project: a clear demonstration that a great deal of thought was put into it. It’s this convergence of design, intent and skill into a well-planned conclusion that excites him every day.

“My philosophy is simple: say yes. When a good opportunity comes along, I say yes, and then work hard to make it a success.”
The United Stated Coast Guard Headquarters includes a significant storm water management system, creating the opportunity to reuse water, reduce flooding, and help keep surrounding waterways clean.
The entry sequence and lobby design of the Headquarters celebrates the history of the United States Coast Guard.
Fun Fact

Tom dedicates a significant amount of time volunteering, including his work for Step Up For Kids. For the last 20 years, Tom and his band, Spakl, have provided five hours of musical motivation to participants as they climb 80 floors to the top of the Aon Center.

The American Red Cross Headquarters in Indianapolis reduced their building footprint from 100,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet. The new design was focused on efficiency, collaboration, and employee wellness.
Southbank Development
Southbank is a new residential community situated along the south branch of the Chicago River.
Crate & Barrel Corporate Headquarters
The building is essentially a linear bar with projecting office wings to one side. The building’s siting and extensive use of glass and courtyards opens the interior to the landscape and takes advantage of the site’s terrain and mature woods.

Tom's Featured Work

United States Coast Guard Headquarters
Washington, D.C.
311 West Monroe
Chicago, Illinois