Alice McKean Young Library - Houston Texas

Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library

Houston, Texas
Houston’s 21st Century Library

The City of Houston was seeking a new type of library, a “third place,” where the community could meet. Given this idea, we understood that the need for a shared, public space could only be accomplished through a series of community meetings.

We collaborated to ultimately create an open, transparent design that enhances use and community pride. The design reflects what the community wants and is able to uniquely serve the neighborhood’s ambitions.

The replacement Alice M. Young Neighborhood Library is a dynamic, technology-intensive facility that promotes interactivity and cutting-edge library service, while promoting efficiency and value. It serves as a catalyst for business and cultural growth in its rapidly changing neighborhood and is a vital community center for the residents of the OST/South Union neighborhood of Houston.

Adult are inside Young Library
Teen area inside Young Library
A Library for Everyone
Separate spaces for teens, children and adults create a library that is truly designed for everyone.
Children area inside Young Library
Multi-use library spaces including tech resources such as computer labs and makerspace for rapid prototyping provide a better user experience.
Linking You to the World
The Alice McKean Young Neighborhood Library is one location housing HPL's TECHLink - a space where patrons of all ages can flex their creative muscles and work with media components of all kinds.
“Providing resources of all kinds, from books to classes, to people of all ages, the Young Library is a stellar example of what the 21st-century library should look like in Houston.”

Marcel Merwin, OffCite

Project Team

John Strasius