American University of Beirut Medical Center, New Medical Center Expansion

Beirut, Lebanon
Drawing in the Light

The New Medical Center Expansion project will establish an iconic image of the AUBMC on both the campus and the skyline of Beirut with its unique profile of sunshades. Through thoughtful and intentional design, we enhanced the patient experience with improved site access and circulation; daylighting deep into the lower levels of the building; landscape and views of nature in planters at every patient room, roof gardens on two levels, and reflection garden at the entry.

Clear identities for the surgery center, cancer center, and pediatric center are expressed through the architecture as well as through the interior design and colored lighting treatments.

What makes it cool
A dramatic and meticulously designed light shaft carries daylight deep into the subterranean clinical floors.
Creating Light Sources

The overall interior design approach was inspired by the phenomenological qualities of light as it filters through trees and gradually shifts in color throughout the day.

Colored LED lighting is positioned to spill through gaps between surfaces creating the impression that the building is radiating light from an unseen an internal source.


Project Team

Jean Mah
Ralph Johnson
Yan Krymsky
Jones Lindgren
Bill Schmalz
Michael Palmer