City of Westminster College, London, United Kingdom

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
A Space for Open Learning

Located in the heart of Central London, the flagship campus for City of Westminster College is designed to support new ways of teaching and learning. The building is designed to embrace interaction and diversity, and allows students to learn from each other, both formally and informally.

The college is designed from the inside out, responding to the needs of the its diverse user groups and the sensitive local context. It appears as a clean-cut, modern building with a distinct Nordic expression.

The college provides much greater amounts of open learning spaces than typical colleges in the UK.

Inside, the respective floor plans surrounding the atrium have visual connections between floors, making the atrium a dynamic centre and the heart of the college.

The large atrium, which on some floors extends all the way to the façade, enhances the relationship between the inside and the outside. It offers light-filled, open, and inclusive spaces that encourage interaction between students.

The scheme is extremely sustainable and energy efficient which results in a low maintenance liability, significantly reducing the building’s lifespan costs and carbon footprint.

Project Team

Chris Hardie