Dahlerups Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Rising Above Copenhagen

Dahlerups Tower and the surrounding Caroline Hus together make up a mixed-use development situated close to the famous Elephant Gate in the new Carlsberg Byen district of Copenhagen. The development, which spans a full city block and includes an 80-metre tower, will comprise 17,000 m² of housing, 7,000 m² of offices, 2,000 m² of retail, cafés, and restaurants, and 14,000 m² of basement and parking space.

Commuting to and from Carlsberg Byen will be primarily human-powered thanks to a vast network of bicycle paths.

The Carlsberg Brewery production plant closed in 2008, and this former industrial site renowned for its rich architectural legacy is re-emerging as a new sustainable city district.

It is a dense city structure with attractive urban spaces, public transport, and new buildings that complement the existing historical structures. For example, Dahlerups Tower and Carolina Hus’s dark shades of brick blend with Carlsberg Byen’s palette of building materials and colours.