Malmö Live, Sweden

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
A New Landmark in Malmö

Malmö Live is a 54,000 m² concert, congress and hotel complex situated on Universitetsholmen in Malmö. The building consists of cubic areas which are twisted and given different sizes to match the directions and heights of buildings in the surrounding city.

Malmö Live is a concert, congress, and hotel complex situated between the historic city centre and new urban developments.
The ground floor is fully accessible to the public so people can pass through the building, whether going to a concert, congress, coffee shop, restaurant or just wanting to make a shortcut.

The façades are designed with an homogeneous expression to make the composition appear as one architectonic sculpture.

The hotel rooms are thoughtfully designed with large floor-to-ceiling windows providing stunning views.
The lobby becomes the street that runs through the entire ground floor plan tying everything together.
The different functions in the building are organised as separate elements - as a small town.

The concert hall was specifically designed for the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and seats an audience of 1,600 people.

The space is made of oak and brass which helps create an intimate atmosphere and stands in contrast to the bold, raw black concrete and stone interior of other spaces within the complex.