Dropbox Austin

Austin, Texas

File-sharing service Dropbox has four offices across the U.S. But nothing is quite like its Austin office.

Austin Dropboxers – as they call themselves – say the workplace is their second home. The cowhide rugs, antler chandeliers, full-service cafe, music room and a dog-friendly policy help create a unique workplace environment that blurs boundaries of work and hospitality. The new office landscape functions as an extension of daily life.

But don’t let these softer features fool. These amenities and characteristics help support Dropbox as a high-performance workplace. Designing for such a wide array of workstyles presents an interesting challenge. A one-size-fits-all approach is doomed to failure.

Our collaboration with Dropbox cultivated a design that captures the company’s creative energy and high level of design detail – producing a high-performance lifestyle-based workplace.

The atrium provides a unique view of the third floor lobby with the dynamic dichroic film.
A full service barista serves coffee throughout the work day.
"Dropbox is a product designed for people to do their best work together, and I love that our physical workspace is a reflection of that."

– Rusty Pierce, Office Manager


In the open office, screens and openings allow for a sense of transparency, while maintaining spaces for a creative getaway. The three floors features collaboration spaces, cafes and a rooftop terrace with a variety of seating options and a platform for an all-hands gathering. The design team aimed to ensure that each design detail fit well with Dropbox’s company culture.

For The Sound of Music

The music room is the home for the in-house band. Employees are encouraged to get away from their desks and get creative. Some do this by playing in a jam band or lounging in the room while teammates write new songs and lyrics for all to enjoy.  The space is strategically located next to the break room, further encouraging staff to unwind away from their desk.

The trellis power system offers each person and team the flexibility and freedom to re-configure their desk to best suit their work style.
Unique Solutions

The team was challenged to develop a unique solution for the workspace that allowed flexibility and power solutions throughout the open area. As a result, the project architect worked closely with the client to develop a custom steel trellise power system to the workstations. In the open office, screens and openings allow for a sense of transparency, while maintaining spaces for a creative getaway.

Project Team

Joe Gowing
Matt Taylor