Austin, Texas
Creating a Tech Campus, Austin Style

Galvanize is a community of education and training for the tech industry. Whether you are a founder, student or looking to take your career to the next level; Galvanize’s learning facility helps those dreams become reality. Galvanize has campuses in seven different locations across the country and the Austin campus is the first campus in Texas.

We collaborated with the client to create a design that captured Galvanize’s creative energy and co-sharing ideals. Custom art throughout the space highlights the city of Austin, continuing to bring together the campus and city.

Where Learning Goes to Work.

The intention of Galvanize is clearly stated through the custom made art work and graphics. A custom mural hangs in one of the collaboration areas.

The conference doors adjust for the meeting size. Coming together for a private meeting or fully opening for an all hands event.
Custom Art

The use of pineapple wallpaper in the phone booths is a way of expressing the sense of welcomeness that Galvanize strives to define their space.

Project Team

Matt Taylor