Entrance to Burquitlam station
Entrance of Burquitlam station
Burquitlam station

Evergreen Line Stations

Coquitlam, British Columbia
Restraint and Refinement

The Evergreen Line is an 11km (6.8 mi) long extension of the Millennium Line of Metro Vancouver’s SkyTrain rapid transit system. Procured through a P3 development model, the project looked to highlight the transformational opportunities new stations can offer their surrounding communities. We worked closely and collaboratively with the consortium team, led by SNC-Lavalin, to design two of the stations along the line—Lincoln and Burquitlam. Together, we looked for opportunities to bring high design through simple yet elegant details, elevating the overall aesthetic while providing the cost and schedule savings needed to ensure the project’s success.

Designed as a family—united by similarities in structure, glazing, wayfinding, and timber roof elements—our two facilities offer a high quality, sophisticated, and economic station design that prioritizes the customer experience.

Lincoln station
Lincoln station
Looking to the Future

We conceived each station as a catalyst for future development and designed them to complement the surrounding neighbourhood and accommodate future retail. Through intuitive connections and optimized orientation, these new transit stations mark the beginnings of vibrant transit-oriented communities that benefit from the connection to the wider region.

Interior of Burquitlam station
Burquitlam station
Doing a lot with a little: delivered via P3 procurement—prefabrication, refined detailing, and material selection result in an economical and high quality stations.
Warmth through Wood

The Evergreen stations employ the warmth and expression of wood that we first incorporated in our Brentwood station, which has since become a signature element across the region’s SkyTrain lines. Douglas fir glulam planks compose the structural roof deck—allowing for off-site pre-fabrication that reduces costs, mitigates construction disruption, and improves the overall quality of the project as the components are constructed in a controlled environment.

View down on entry stair of Burquitlam station.
Burquitlam station
Refined Design

Lincoln and Burquitlam stations represent an evolution and refinement of our studio’s approach to transit design—simplicity of form, restraint in palette, and clear and legible execution—that have formed our guiding principles for the past two decades.

View of Burquitlam station platform.

Project Team

Ryan Bragg
Jeff Doble