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Häfele New York Showroom

New York, New York
Exemplifying Brand

Häfele is a German hardware company with a long tradition of quality and fine engineering. When the lease expired for its Manhattan showroom, the wish was to design something new that clearly illustrated the brand, while serving its different audiences—architects and designers, residential consumers, and cabinetmakers.

Making an elegant but bold statement was important to Häfele, so our design team infused the space with the brand’s bold red color, displayed hardware products in hanging displays, and used technology and graphic messaging to create a space that fits the vision in both form and function.

Experiential Design

To illustrate the breadth of product samples and the sought-after fluidity of much of them, Häfele required a showroom that stored them all while showing off their signature feature. So we created vertical sliding storage units and tucked them throughout the space—even next to the coffee bar. Within these units are removable modular cartridges with product samples. For products that require electricity, modules are easily removed and taken to a section of the floor with built-in power.

Branded Environments

It was important to capture the Häfele brand elements within the space. That’s why we designed with brand colors and logo in mind. Messaging is delivered through the use of bold red features on technology, graphics, and film. Users are greeted at the elevators by three-by-three screens touting brand messaging. Additionally, a giant “A” is visible from the street.

“Thank you for helping us deliver a beautiful and highly functional space! It's great to give showroom tours that are equally focused on our product details and the product applications that make this space special.”

Paul Smith, CEO Häfele Americas

Products in Action

Customers visiting the showroom are immersed in engagement and are encouraged to slide, fold, and lift up drawers and millwork to discover the expansive lines for themselves.

Häfele’s employees have access to AdjusTableSystems desks and workstations that we customized with power charging and cable management, concealed locking cabinets and drawers, and cabinet fittings like hinges, drawer slides, connectors, and floor glides.

Project Team

Jennifer Graham
Eileen Jones
Joan Blumenfeld