Jennifer Graham

Associate Principal, Corporate Interiors, New York

Jennifer’s father carried a lifelong love of art and architecture, even though he was an accomplished physician. She could always be found by his side on the sites of his construction projects, like those of his first clinic and their family home in her native Barbados. The influence of Jennifer’s beloved family, and the values they shared, are evident in everything she does: from ultimately fulfilling her father’s dream of working in architecture and following his dedication to serving others, to epitomizing the resolve and relentless pursuit of knowledge by her Peruvian grandmother.

She embodies these values as a project manager, seeking to be a mentor, to learn on behalf of others, and serve as a conduit of information between her team and clients. She strives to elevate her role with an approach that upholds emotional intelligence and collaboration. Jennifer can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world except New York City, but she still returns home to Barbados at least once a year with her twin daughters.

Jennifer recently celebrated LMNOP's 10th anniversary.
Jennifer co-founded the networking and peer mentoring organization LMNOP (Leadership, Mentoring, Networking and Opportunity for Architecture and Design Professionals) in 2008, during a time when she was looking for work and seeking connections in the industry. LMNOP offers affordable CEUs so that they can be accessible for everyone. Through LMNOP, Jennifer learned that she is a natural connector with a special skill for making introductions within her network.
“I’m a very happy person. My nature is not glass half full–my glass is full and overflowing. That’s pretty much who I am.”
Jennifer's native Barbados
Jennifer and her twin daughters
One of Jennifer's recently completed projects, Haworth San Francisco

Jennifer's Featured Work

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New York, New York
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